Josée Lalonde


chanteuse/professeure de chant


Josée Lalonde moves from one musical style to another with astonishing ease, as demonstrated by her richly contrasted artistic experience. 

She has appeared as soloist with several renowned classical ensembles such as : Studio de musique ancienne de MontréalViva VoceLes Idées HeureusesEnsemble CapriceConstantinopleTheatre of early musicMasques, Les Voix Baroques, Ottawa Bach ChoirTafelmusik Chamber Choir, and Toronto Consort. OSM and her work as chorister with OSM, Opéra de Montréal, and Les Violons du Roy (Chapelle de Québec) further attest to her love of many different styles of music.

She has participated in several World Beat concerts with Karen Young, with whom she also recorded the albums Canticum Canticorum (2000) and Âme, corps et désir (2007).  In addition, she has lent her voice to the movie soundtracks of “La nuit du deluge” (Gaëtan Gravel/Serge Laforest, 1996), and “Revoir Julie” (music by Karen Young, 1998), as well as the TV comedy “Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin” (2007). Since 2012, the Young-Lalonde-Sidorov Trio has impressed the public with its originality and sensitive interpretations derived from various sources.

Other examples of her wide-ranging skills include several projects with Cirque du Soleil (Kâ, Corteo, Zed), Cirque Éloize (Nebbia) and Cirque Knie (Fascination), as well as a solo role in the Montréal production of Howard Shore’s The Lord of the Rings (2004).  Josée Lalonde’s artistic journey regularly takes her from early music all the way to contemporary works.  Throughout it all, certain constants remain: talent, passion, boldness, and versatility...


«...The Requiem itself was superbly performed, with Josée Lalonde doing the mezzo solos. She sounded absolutely incredible. They were singing from the orchestra pit, and I was wondering how well solo voices would carry from down there. They carried just fine! At the end, the soloists came up on stage, and it was great to see her there. She deserved every ovation she got....»

February 2018

«... Their voices (Josée Lalonde and Émilie Laforest) are soft and dreamy and filled with haunting harmonies. Although the words are in French and printed in the liner notes, it is the sound of both voices that is most enchanting....»

Downntown Music Gallery (New York) (Bruce Lee Gallanter), janvier 2011, CD Bréviaire d’épuisements

«...Josee Lalonde intoned the BWV 182 aria with warmth and composure. We did not hear an “early-music” singer doing her darnedest not to use vibrato; everything emerged naturally. Mika Putterman contributed a soft, syncopated obbligato on transverse flute. The combined effect was spacious, not endless...»

The Gazette (Arthur Kaptainis), avril 2009, Concert Viva Voce

«...Il faut ajouter à cela les voix splendides de l'alto Josée Lalonde et du haute-contre Dan Cabena qui ne passent pas inaperçues...» (René d'Antoine), mai 2008, concert "Âme, corps et désir" de Karen Young à l'Anglicane

«...Taylor invite Marie-Claude Arpin, Josée Lalonde, Michel Léonard et Normand Richard, du Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal, à diriger les sections (Theatre of Early Music). Ce sont les meilleurs choristes et choristes solos de la ville. Les étudiants apprennent beaucoup à leur contact...»

La scena Musicale (Daniel Taylor), novembre 2008

«…Quatre extraits de la Messe de Nostre Dame de Guilaume de Machaut, dans une version très dépouillée pour quatre voix (Kami Logfren Josée Lalonde, Michiel Schrey, Normand Richard) sans accompagnement furent l’un des sommets du concert…»

La Presse (Claude Gingras), avril 2008, Concert SMAM/SMCQ "Hommage à Vivier"

«…le petit quatuor vocal (Marie Magistry, Josée Lalonde, Michiel Schrey, Normand Richard) fut exemplaire…»

La Presse (Claude Gingras), janvier 2008, Concert de l'ensemble Caprice et Quatuor Bozzini "Différents trains"

«… Avec la même assurance, Josée Lalonde projeta le son grave d'une authentique contralto…»

La Presse (Claude Gingras), juin 2007, Concert de l'ensemble Caprice "Vivaldi et ses anges"

«...Josée Lalonde, chanteuse de madrigaux remarquable, c'est une voix!...»

Samedi et rien d'autre (Edgar Fruitier), mai 2007, CD "Âme, corps et désir" de Karen Young

« …et j’avais tant aimé travailler avec l’alto Josée Lalonde… »

La Presse (Karen Young/Alain Brunet), mai 2007, CD "Âme, corps et désir" de Karen Young

«… Mention aussi aux solistes Josée Lalonde et…»

La Presse, avril 2001, Concert du Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal

«… Quant à Josée Lalonde (la mère) elle fait preuve d’une autorité et d’une présence remarquable…»

Le soleil, octobre 2000, Concert «Cantique des Cantiques» de Karen Young

«… et de la solide Josée Lalonde. Solos remarquables, duos incandescents, superbes séquences chorales, tout un trip de voix»

La Presse, septembre 2000, Concert «Cantique des Cantiques» de Karen Young

«…soulignons l'apport exceptionnel de Josée Lalonde…»

Le Soleil, juin 2000, CD «Cantique des Cantiques» de Karen Young